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"Two thumbs up, five stars, 10 out of 10! On every rating scale I would give Kim the highest score for her wonderful music instruction."

      -Sarah, parent of clarinet student

Kim Murray music instructor

Hi, I'm Kim. Welcome!

As a music teacher with over 25 years of experience, I am eager to share the strategies and materials I've developed in the course of my career to help make your child or student's musical journey easier, more fun, and more satisfying.

As a private instructor of piano, flute and clarinet and a former band director, I've learned how to motivate young musicians to set and keep effective practice routines and engage more fully in their own musical development.


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My lessons and resources help...

  • parents motivate kids to practice with less stress using time-tested practice tips and strategies.

  • students maximize practice enjoyment and results by teaching them to use specific practice tools to improve faster and make the music "come alive". 

  • teachers maximize instruction time by providing students with guided self-assessment tools that encourage greater music mastery, understanding, and self-directed practice.

  • music students develop the tools, mindset and discipline necessary to succeed in music and in life.

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What students and parents say

"Kim Murray is awesome... She  makes each student feel comfortable in their ability and is always challenging them to be better."

- Jeanne, parent of piano and clarinet student

"Miss Kim is a kind and gifted teacher who strives to adapt her lessons to the student's learning style. She brings out the best in her students."

- Lisa, parent of flute student

"I have been taking piano lessons from Ms. Kim for twelve years, and I really, really love them! Her classes have given me an appreciation for music and for the important skill of practicing consistently. She’s the best piano teacher ever!"

    - Anya (piano)

"I always feel good when I leave my lesson and it motivates me to practice more."
- Asher, clarinet student


​Tel: 123-456-7890

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How can I help?

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for parents

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for teachers

Learn more

Interested in flute, clarinet or piano lessons, or have a question? Contact me here!
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