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My musical journey

I didn't want to be a music teacher. 

My dream was to be a professional clarinetist. I was so excited when I received a scholarship to attend the Oberlin Conservatory to earn my degree in clarinet performance.  Everything was coming together. 

And then it all fell apart. Once I arrived on campus, things didn't go the way I expected. Yes, the students were talented, the instructors were knowledgeable, and the music-making was excellent.  But the toxic perfectionist atmosphere common in many top-notch music schools made it difficult to take the risks necessary for musical growth - or even enjoy playing.  I was terrified of making mistakes and embarrassing myself in front of my peers. I reluctantly concluded that this environment and profession were not for me. 

Fast forward a few years.  To earn some extra money, I started giving some private lessons on the side. It turned out I loved teaching and was good at it. I loved it in part because it gave me the opportunity to create a learning environment that resonated with my values - a supportive and inspiring environment that enables students to take growth-related risks, while also learning the skills and discipline necessary to succeed on their instrument and in life.

Creating this learning environment for young musicians became my mission. I went on to earn my Master's in Music Education from Northwestern University, and have been teaching now for over 25 years. 

The instruction and resources I offer today are a culmination of two goals. First, my desire to offer young musicians an inspiring and supportive space that makes learning easier and more fun. And second, a desire to  offer teachers and parents resources that make it easier to create this environment in the classroom and at home. 


I invite you to look around, and see if my approach and resources are for you.


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