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"How do I get my child to practice more?"
This is the question I hear most from parents. 

My No Drama Practice Guide has many tips and strategies to help you help your kids set and keep a regular practice schedule without hassle or arguments. Get a FREE copy of the Guide by signing up below. 
Here is my #1 tip for motivating student practice:
Set up a consistent practice schedule at the right time of the day 
  • to be most effective,  practice should occur BEFORE homework. Here's why: activities like sports and homework encourage regular accountability because of the frequency with which they occur combined with social and peer expectations. Music activities often don't have the same built-in incentives, so home structure and expectations are a must to maintain consistency. 
Setting up scheduled music time in this way is the best way to ensure a practice schedule that is consistent, stress-free, productive, and enjoyable.  

FREE Resources

My child is stuck and I don't know how to help them.

Are you struggling to help your child overcome a musical challenge?

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How can I help?

My child is bored and needs a goal or challenge.

Is your normally dedicated musician struggling for motivation?

Download this guide!

I'd like my child to have a positive performance experience

Could your childe use some performance tips to help them feel confident?

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