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"How do I get my students to practice consistently and effectively??"
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As a teacher myself, I know that one of the greatest challenges for music teachers is motivating students to practice

To help improve my students' motivation and practice efficacy, I developed self-guided assessment rubrics that break each new piece into clear, manageable practice steps. These rubrics help students set goals for each practice session that are achievable and rewarding.  This means faster music mastery for better lessons, band rehearsals, and performances. 


Get FREE copies of my piano practice rubric and woodwind practice rubric and see if they work for you and your students!

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My students practice the easy parts and ignore the hard parts

Do your students need guidance in

effective practice strategies?

Download this guide!

My piano student needs help purchasing a new instrument

Does your student need help deciding which type of piano is best for them?

Download this guide!

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