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5 Summer Music Activities for Kids

Summer is a great time to engage in musical activities with your kids or take care of instrument maintenance you don't have time for during the school year. Here are five things you can do this summer to enjoy music with your kids and prepare for the fall.

Kids at summer concert

1. Get instruments fixed or tuned. If your piano is out of tune or needs maintenance, you can schedule a technician to come out and service it for you. If you find it needs more extensive repair or is unfixable, the summer gives you time to take care of this before school starts. (To find a certified repair person in your area, check out this database.)

If your child plays a wind or string instrument, call an area repair shop to have an adjustment (a few repairs to keep the instrument in good working order) or an overhaul (a complete cleaning and repair of an instrument in bad shape.) The technician will be able to tell you which one you need.

2. Take trial lessons with potential private teachers. If you're considering starting private lessons for your child (or switching teachers) the summer is a good time to try different studios to see which one is a good fit. This database allows you to find teachers that match a variety of criteria. Many teachers offer a free trial lesson, while others offer a single paid paid lesson . If you find a teacher you like, it's also good to get on their schedule or wait list early in the summer. Be sure to ask them about their make-up policies, lesson fees and performance opportunities.

3. Attend a variety of music performances. Many communities have outdoor summer concerts that are free. If you're traveling over the summer, check out the music scene where you're staying. No matter the type of music they listen to, hearing more advanced players perform is inspiring for young musicians. You can expose them to new genres of music, such as jazz, folk or Latin music if they play primarily classical repertoire during the school year. This will encourage their curiosity about all types of music so they can identify the styles they prefer.

4. Encourage students to play music of their choice. Maybe they're into a favorite movie soundtrack, Broadway tune or pop song right now. Allow them to play music that they choose instead of music assigned by teachers over the summer months. You'll help them know their musical preferences better and reinforce the idea that music is, at its core, a source of fun and joy. This online store has a vast selection of all kinds of music.

5. Use musical games to retain concepts learned. Young students love to play games, so "gamifying" music review is a great way to do something new to help your child retain what they've learned over the summer. You can ask parents of other music students if they have games you can borrow, or find games online. I have developed a series of music review games for students at all levels that you can check out here.


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